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The Heriot Angling Club is based in Edinburgh and fishes in South - East and Central Scotland.

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Colin's Kingfisher
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Updated 28.03.17
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The photographs shown on this site are included by courtesy of
Colin Riach.
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Colin's Kingfisher. This bird must have been on holiday as Colin saw it in Portobello, Figgate Park, Baileyfield Industrial Estate not far from the bus depot.

Colin was telling me he has seen them on the Water of Leith and this reminded me of a time, long long ago when i was fishing the Water of Leith with my friend Grayham who was the High Bailiff at that time. The weather was not suitable for fishing, sun splitting the sky and not a breath of wind, so we were just sitting drinking tea and blethering. At this stage another fisher who Grayham knew came along the bank looking to buy a permit. When the permit was sold he walked downstream saying "on a day like this a fish would be a bonus". After a few hours we met up with the fisher again who smiled and said
"I did not catch any fish but i did see a Kingfisher so i can say i have had a good day"

So Arther Ransom was orrect when he said "No one could call that day a blank on which he had seen a Kinfisher"

Regards, Ed.