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The Heriot Angling Club is based in Edinburgh and fishes in South - East and Central Scotland.

 Please explore our site to discover more about the Club.

 Our Outing Reports contain several years of data covering the popular fisheries.
Starting to meet up prior to dinner 20th October 2018
 2018 Member Page
 Updated : 16.11.18
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The photographs shown are included by courtesy of
Mr Colin Riach.
Open outing reports for access to more photography
      Loch Rusky
  Risk Assessment
  2018 Club outings
  Updated : 16,11.18

     Hi friends Again, to keep you up to date with the website.

    As Keith has not as yet got Web Easy and File Zilla up and running on his new computer i have updated the web site.
    1 - Altered data protection note to UK legislation, i.e. 2018 Data Protection Act
    2 - Updated constitution reducing number on club's management committee
    3- Updated website office bearers page
    4 - Added 2018 Autumn Report to website

    NOTE ; - The clubs database has been removed from the website.
                     This is to comply with the 2018 Data Protection Act. Please contact the secretary if you have a request for members information.
    Kindest regards, Ed Green
                          16 November 2018
   Data Protection